Why Small Group Workshops Might Be a Good Fit for You

February 16, 2024by The Line Method

Many people start the year on a positive note. It’s why millions make resolutions and plans. The new year provides a clean slate for many.

One survey found the most common goals for the year revolve around improving oneself. Millions want to work on their fitness and mental health. But it’s also the sad truth that many will give up on their resolutions. Most won’t even last three months.

Many people sign up for personal training in the hopes they’ll stick to their resolution. After all, it’s a great way to get individual attention. Your trainer will also tailor your exercise regimen to fit your goals. But personal training can be a tad expensive. That could put a damper on your resolve.

Small group workshops might be a better approach. It’s akin to personal training. But instead of one trainer focusing on a single client, they’ll work with a group. These can range from three to eight people in a group. Most gyms or trainers limit the group to eight at the most. It’s a manageable number that allows the trainer to build connections with everyone. It also allows them to give each member the proper attention to their form.

Small group workshops are different from conventional exercise classes. Trainers in this type of training don’t take part in the class. They act as a personalized instructor for each member. These workshops have a specific focus. For example, the class is training for a Spartan competition. Members also have to make a long-term commitment. Classes last an average of 4 to 6 weeks. Some even run for 10 weeks.

Small group training workshops have grown in popularity. Many prefer it because of the benefits it provides. Here’s why it could be a good fit for you.

The Camaraderie Makes It Fun

Working out is more fun if you’re doing it with other people. It’s why many exercise gurus advocate a buddy system. Being in a small exercise group gives you the chance to feed off each other’s energy and enthusiasm. Some friendly banter and competition will also make the workout more fun. It can also help keep everyone’s motivation high.

It Keeps Prices Down

Working with a personal trainer can be pricey. Especially if you want to work with someone experienced or well-known. A group training class is more affordable. Instead of paying $60 to $120 an hour, you might only need to shell out $15 to $45 for one session. It’s because you’re splitting the cost of a trainer. You’re not splitting the trainer’s attention though. You’ll still get that connection and individualized attention.

You Get That Personal Touch

People at gyms have various fitness levels. Some are beginners while others are already seeing the results of their hard work. Some have hit their goals and are working on maintaining them. Each member will see different results when they use the standard equipment. Group exercise classes will also be generic. They are also handled by different instructors per week.  This can limit a person’s progress.

Small group workshops are different.  Members have the same coach for the duration of the program. They will all receive a personalized plan. These are all tailored to the member’s fitness level and dietary needs. The class is also designed for a particular goal. This helps members become the best versions of themselves.

You Enjoy the Support and Advice of Members

A decent personal trainer will draw on their knowledge and expertise to help you. But do not discount the support and advice that you can get from your group’s members. You can also learn a lot from them.

Your peers would also have gone through other training programs under other trainers. You can talk to them about the challenges you’ve faced and how you overcame them. They’ll also do the same for you. Every member will enjoy supporting and advising each other. It’s a win all around.

Jumpstart Your Fitness

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