What is Pilates: Your Quick Introduction to This Workout

February 27, 2023by The Line Method

Anyone with a social media account has seen countless types of exercise classes. There’s TikTok’s Hot Girl Walk and Weighted Hula Hoop challenge. Facebook feeds are often inundated with the latest yoga apps. Or dance exercises that target people over 50.

There’s no need to go wild with every single new workout you see. Sure, they look like fun to do. You might even want to change things up a bit with your workout. But why not go with a straightforward workout like Pilates?

Getting to Know an Old Workout

Pilates is not an emerging fitness trend since it’s been around for almost a century. So what is Pilates? It’s a body conditioning workout created by Joseph Pilates. It was first used as a way to help dancers recover from injuries. Most are unaware of it but dancing can take a toll on the body. Dancers do repetitive motions for hours on end using the same muscle groups.

Here’s an interesting tidbit. Pilates was also used to help wounded World War I soldiers recover from their injuries.

Pilates is a low-impact exercise. You will perform several controlled movements. The exercises are repetitive and each one’s designed to flow into the next with precision. The routine incorporates gymnastics and yoga to give the individual a total workout. It targets core muscles like your abdominal and hip muscles. It can also give your gluteal muscles an intense workout. You can even skip leg day as it also impacts your thigh muscles.

Does it sound like yoga? Many people think so. It’s easy to see why as both workouts focus on mindful movement. You also have to pay attention to your breathing. But yoga focuses more on the meditative and spiritual elements of health. Pilates is more technical. It places more emphasis on controlling your physical movement.

Why You Should Do Pilates

Experts say that Pilates has many positive attributes. These benefits impact you beyond the gym or your exercise hour. It can also improve your lifestyle. Still on the fence about Pilates? These could push you right off it.

· Mat is All You Need

Mention Pilates and many people think of these complex-looking machines. But for this, you don’t need to buy any equipment to do this workout routine. You also don’t need a personal trainer hovering over you. You can get a good Pilates session using only a mat. Pilates mats are larger and thicker than the standard yoga mats.

· Get Rid of Work Tension

90% of today’s workforce spends extended periods sitting behind a desk and tapping away at a computer. This can result in tension in the shoulders and legs. You might even experience pain at some point. This happens because your core and back muscles are weak.

Pilates will make your core muscles stronger. This will then promote better posture and relieve muscle tension. It’s because a strong core means better support for the body. Your neck and shoulders will relax on a stable frame.

· Improve Your Fat Burning Capability

Pilates isn’t the workout that comes to mind when you think about burning calories. People often go running or do HIIT for that. Fat burning isn’t a race though. You can still burn an amazing amount of calories with Pilates.

Pilates builds muscles. That’s a given. Stronger muscles boost the basal metabolic rate. This is the number of calories the body burns even at rest. Your workout session might have ended an hour ago. But your body is still working to reduce those calories.

· Exercise for the Ages

Pilates is an exercise anyone can do at any stage of their life. Have you been sedentary for years or an avid marathoner? Pilates doesn’t discriminate. The foundation of its movements will apply regardless of your age and fitness level.

The Bottom Line

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