What is Guided Meditation and Why You Should Embrace It

September 29, 2023by The Line Method

Meditation is a big part of many spiritual traditions in Asia. The practice began to pique Western interest in the 20th century. It was often associated with people looking for spiritual enlightenment. As the stress levels of society increase, so does the number of people meditating. Now there are around 200 to 500 million people who meditate around the world. One survey showed that 14% of adults in the US have meditated.

The basic principle of meditation is a simple one. But it’s not easy to practice. Some people have the focus and will to concentrate for an extended period. Others might need a little push. This is where guided meditation comes in.

Understanding the Process

What is guided meditation? It’s a style of meditation where an experienced instructor walks you through the process. You can do this in person. You can also use a video or audio. It’s an ideal method for those new to meditation. You want an expert to guide you through the steps of the meditation practice.

The instructor often starts off with an explanation of the mind’s dynamics. They’ll then explain how your mind could behave while you’re meditating. This is what they call the approach. The instructor will then explain how you can practice it. They will do this by expounding on various meditation techniques. The last thing the instructor explains is how to integrate them into your everyday life.

Finding a guide to help you meditate is easier now. There are countless instructional apps that offer guided meditations. You can also search online for guided meditation classes. You can join a group class or opt for some one-on-one instruction. There might even be meditation groups near you that you can join. Spending time with like-minded people can keep you on track with your meditation.

Embracing the Process

Meditation can give you the healthy and happy life that you aspire to. The practice has helped millions and it can do the same for you. Here are some reasons you should embrace this process.

  • Help Cope with Stress

Many people use meditation to help them cope with stress. We all know the havoc stress can play on our health. High levels of the stress hormone cortisol can weaken our immune system. Guided meditation can help lower blood pressure. It can also reduce the body’s resting heart rate. Doing this on a regular basis can result in a smaller stress response.

  • Manage Anxiety Better

There are around 40 million Americans who suffer anxiety every year. It’s not a welcome feeling as it can cause various health problems. It’s fortunate there are now guided meditations that focus on anxiety. It works too. One study showed people who did meditation classes had less panic attacks. They also have fewer feelings of anxiety. People who use audio meditation recordings enjoyed the same benefits.

  • Process Emotions Like a Champ

We all experience our fair share of big emotions but sometimes we don’t process them well. When this happens, these emotions might feel more intense or negative. A guided meditation class or app can help you process your emotions the proper way.

People who meditate often have a better handle on their emotions. They react with less emotional intensity to stimuli. Especially negative ones. One study even found that mindfulness developed through meditation reduces the startle reflex. You become calmer and less jumpy.

Start your meditation journey on the right foot with guided meditations. They can be what you need to keep your mind and body healthy. You can use an instructional app or sign up for a class. Your personal trainer will make sure you reap all the benefits of this practice.

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