Elevate Your Fitness Experience with the Best Boutique Gym in Washington, DC

At The Line Method, You’ll experience a level of care and consideration that sets us apart in the world of fitness.


We Deliver A Complete Body-Mind Experience

The Line Method is not just a fitness studio; it’s a holistic experience dedicated to your well-being. From the moment you walk through our doors and revel in the exclusivity of our private studio rooms to the time you refresh yourself with our thoughtful amenities.

Boutique Gym | The Line Method


Boutique Gym

With us your fitness journey is a seamless blend of luxury and effectiveness.

Feel Better In Your Body | The Line Method


Tailored Session

Our sessions will leave you feeling long, loose, and ready to take on whatever the day brings.

Staying Strong | The Line Method


Train For Life

Increases strength, balance, stability, and control in ways that will enhance your everyday life.

I had been searching for exactly this type of service for months. A very personalized focus on my strength and recovery, while also maintaining fitness. Every single session is completely catered to my needs and therefore incredibly more impactful than a gym or multiple group classes. I wish I had found Erin sooner.

Achieve Physical Fitness and Mental Wellness with our Personal Training Methods

At The Line Method, we believe in transforming more than just your body; we’re dedicated to enhancing your entire fitness journey.

Retreat Of Privacy | The Line Method

A Retreat of Privacy

One of the distinct advantages of choosing The Line Method is the sanctuary of privacy we offer. In a bustling city filled with fitness studios, our establishment stands out by providing an intimate experience. Each of our patrons has exclusive access to one of our three beautiful studio rooms, ensuring that your workout space is reserved solely for you and your instructor during every session.

Private Workouts

This privacy creates an environment where you can focus entirely on your fitness goals without any distractions, setting the stage for a truly personalized training and effective fitness journey. In fact, we often encourage our patrons to silence their phones and smartwatches during the session so you can leave the world at the door.

Private Workouts | The Line Method
State Of The Art Equipment | The Line Method

State-of-the-Art Equipment

In our pursuit of excellence, we’ve spared no expense when it comes to our equipment. The Line Method studio boasts state-of-the-art Balanced Body equipment that is both aesthetically pleasing and meticulously designed for optimal functionality. Our commitment to using the best gym equipment ensures that every movement you make is not only effective but also comfortable, elevating your fitness experience to new heights.

A Welcoming Space

Bid farewell to the stereotypical, dimly lit, and crowded box gyms. Our boutique fitness studio is a welcoming oasis designed to engage all your senses. Step into our bright, airy, and spacious studio, where natural light flows freely, creating an inviting atmosphere that inspires motivation and positivity. The uplifting and energizing ambiance encourages you to embrace your workouts with enthusiasm, making each session a delightful experience for both body and mind.

A Welcoming Space | The Line Method
Unparalleled Service | The Line Method

Unparalleled Service

Our unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service distinguishes us from the rest. After a rewarding session, relax in our waiting area with a complimentary cup of coffee or tea, allowing you to savor the post-workout glow. Should you wish to freshen up before heading out, you’ll find our restrooms stocked with premium organic toiletries, further enhancing your post-workout rejuvenation.

Our Expertise

Elevate your fitness experience with The Line Method and embark on a transformative journey that transcends the ordinary.