5 Easy Self Care Ideas To Do At Home

April 29, 2020by The Line Method

How do you take care of yourself when you’re at home? We can easily reduce our stress levels by doing a few simple things from the comfort of our own homes. If you’re looking for some new inspiration – check out our ideas below:

Cook from Scratch

This is a great time to make new foods from scratch. Say goodbye to processed foods laden with sugars and additives. Think of your favorite foods and then find recipes to create them. Better yet, try new foods! What a great time to get experimental. You won’t know what you like/don’t like until you try. Find new fun and healthy recipes and give them a try. Not only will you benefit your health by eating healthy foods, but you’ll stimulate your mind as you try new recipes and maybe even cooking skills.


There’s one thing that staying home can’t take away and that’s the ability to exercise. No, you don’t have the gym, but that’s okay. All you need is your body and the motivation to move. Check out online workouts for a guided workout or create your own routine. Honestly, the sky is the limit; you just need the willingness to try something new. Try exercising at least 30 minutes a day – get your muscles working and endorphins flowing to give you that ‘feel good’ feeling.


What a wonderful time this is to catch up on your sleep. Think back to before we had to stay home. How much sleep were you getting? Was it a running joke that you could operate on just a few hours? Your body and mind need sleep more than you realize. Take this time to unwind and catch up on your sleep. Exercising plenty throughout the day will help you be tired enough to go to sleep, but if you still need help, consider meditating for a few minutes before bed, taking a warm bath, and putting the screens away at least 2 hours before bedtime.  

Do Something you Love

Your mind needs exercise too. Even if you work from home, your mind needs stimulation from doing something that you love. Use this time to find new hobbies. Do you love to paint, draw, build things, or sew? There are millions of things you can do from the comfort of your own home with a little creativity. Use this time to your advantage and stimulate your mind.

Open Your Windows or Get Outside

Get your vitamin D and breathe in the fresh air. You won’t believe how rejuvenating it feels. Whether you just sit on your porch and enjoy the fresh air or you take a walk in nature for at least 15 minutes a day, the change of scenery and the feeling of fresh air will help you unwind and feel great.

Now is the perfect time to focus on you and your health. Find things you can implement at home, whether it’s a new hobby, new exercise, or new foods. Make yourself a priority today while you have this time at home.