Relieve Your Tight Hips and Lower Back With Trigger Point

May 13, 2020by The Line Method

Did you know that having tight hips and glutes can actually cause lower back pain and discomfort? That’s right. The back pain you are experiencing may not be caused by any back problems at all. Often, when our glutes, hips, and/or hamstrings get tight, they begin pulling on the muscles and joint located in our lower back, and that is why you experience discomfort in those area.

Fortunately, there is a very simple and effective way to relieve this tightness, and it’s called Trigger Point Release. Trigger point is a technique that is used to specifically target the knots (or trigger points) and tissue build up in your muscles that cause tightness and soreness throughout your body. In this follow-along video, I’ll show you how to leverage this technique specifically in your hips and glutes. Together we’ll work through the tight and sore muscles in order to better mobilize your hips and lower back.

Also! If you’re experiencing tightness in your upper back or shoulders, make sure you check out this other Trigger Point video I created to specifically target those areas.