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Personal Trainer Washington DC

Personal Trainer Washington DC is a boutique personal training studio in the heart of Washington, DC. 

We are movement instructors who are passionate about blending methodologies to build functional strength, increase mobility, and restore your body.  We believe in a holistic, sustainable approach to creating long-term improvements in movement so you can feel good and move well in your own body.

We are not a one-sized-fits-all fitness approach.  We build flexibility, but we are not a yoga or  Pilates studio.  We build strength, but we are not a weight-lifting gym. We restore muscles, but we are not physical therapists. We embrace multiples fitness disciplines to help you create a strong, mobile body.

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What is The Line Method?

The Line Method uses movement as a tool to create physical, mental, and emotional realignment.

By blending methods that focus on creating strength, mobility, stability, and recovery, the Line Method is a holistic, sustainable approach to improving movement and health.

Personalized Instruction

The Line Method believes that personalized instruction is key to enhancing your movement abilities. Because we know everyone comes with their own set of strengths and challenges, working in a 1:1 setting allows us to focus specifically on the goals that you want to accomplish with methods that are most beneficial to your body.

Interdisciplinary Approach

Every body is dynamic and constantly changing. Each one calls for a variety of training needs ranging from strength to flexibility to mobility and beyond. The Line Method builds each session around your goals and priorities by blending different styles of fitness from strength training to recovery work.

Restorative Fitness

Overcome movement limitations by building strength, improving flexibility, and restoring your mind and body. 

Positive Energy

Movement should be enjoyed. Even the most intense workouts maintain an upbeat, positive vibe.  

Past Client Reviews

"Eva is simply amazing and will get you to your goals. "

Mitch A.

"I've had some Reformer experience at different studios but Eva makes it a very productive and unique experience! Her positive attitude, boundless energy and independent approach are harnessed into tailored sessions that work various "problem" areas. Eva is a creative teacher as well as a good listener. She knows how to make each session challenging and results-oriented but also fun."

Sabrina J.

“I never realized how unsustainable my old workout routines were. And how they probably caused more long-term harm than anything. But this feels sustainable, and like it’s really helping me feel better.”