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Our dedicated instructors can help you tone your whole body, no matter your current fitness level. When you join one of our classes, expect to start with a series of warm-ups and move into progressively more difficult movements that challenge your core, arms, legs, and back. We’re here to help you modify positions to accommodate your health and fitness level.

Meet The Line Method Team

All of our classes at The Line Method are taught by certified fitness instructors who test your limits and inspire results.

Eva Meier New | The Line Method


Eva Meier

A born-and-raised DC native, Eva founded The Line Method studio as a space for people to improve their health and wellness through movement. Eva specializes in working with individuals with Hypermobile Spectrum Disorder (HSD)/Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos (hEDS), muscle compensation patterns, postural issues, and chronic pain disorders.

She developed The Line Method Teacher Training, as well as a Hypermobility-focused training course “Fitness Foundations for Hypermobility.” Eva believes that fitness should be about more than just running yourself into the ground.

Exercise should be an interdisciplinary, holistic approach that focuses on your longevity, sustainability, and individuality. This mentality was borne from her own experiences dealing with HSD which caused her to have intense sciatica and pelvic pain in her early 20’s. After many unsuccessful rounds of conventional physical therapy, Eva began her journey of self-study, certifications, and mentorships that led her to develop The Line Method studio.

Eva likes to joke that the “method is in the madness.” Your sessions with her will include a myriad of fitness and wellness techniques that can range anywhere from functional strengthening, to fascial release techniques, to somatic breathwork. She bases all of her sessions around how your body looks and feels in that moment of time to help optimize your long term health and goals.

Who does Eva love working with:
– People who enjoy the process
– People with Hypermobility Disorders
– People who love working on the “micro-movements”


Erin O’Hagan

As an instructor, Erin is dedicated to sharing the valuable tools that got her to the healthiest body of her life. Over 25 years, her workouts evolved from high impact to injury prevention, functional strength and sustainable results. Erin’s talent lies in her ability to adapt to client needs eagerly and intuitively, embracing the challenge to research and serve their goals.

In her sessions, she always places a strong emphasis on attention to detail and proper form while still respecting how each client moves uniquely. Her journey into teaching began after extensive physical therapy, neck surgery and a low back injury. She armed herself with Pilates and every certification she could find that complemented her arsenal of injury prevention.

Eager to pass on this knowledge and design classes for the individual, she began teaching in gyms 6 years ago and is now thrilled to be teaching in person at The Line Method.
Erin is here to show her clients how much potential their bodies have while working safely and consistently. Her work at the studio offers hope and empowerment to her clients in a no pain all gain format.

The Line Method Teacher Training
Fitness Foundations for Hypermobility

Who does Erin love working with:
– Pre-Natal and Post-Partum mamas
– People with Hypermobility Disorders
– People who need low impact, resistance training
– People with aches and pains due to sedentary lifestyles

Erin Ohagan | The Line Method
Victoria Icenhower New | The Line Method


Victoria Icenhower

Victoria’s love of movement began when she herself was undergoing some major health challenges in 2018. She was working in a toxic work environment at the time, and her health was at an all time low. On a whim, she decided to swap out drinks at a bar with colleagues for a beachfront yoga class. She felt so inspired and welcomed by her instructor in the class, that from then on she was hooked.

As she kept up with her in-home practice, she began noticing a major shift in her physical, mental, and emotional wellness. She realized that moving her body brought her much more benefit than just “looking good.” This was what initially drew Victoria to The Line Method studio. The focus on holistic, personalized fitness was very compatible with her own beliefs, and she enthusiastically delved into her Line Method Teacher Training in the summer of 2023.

Victoria loves working with anyone that may be new or intimidated by beginning their fitness journey. She is committed to providing a non-judgmental and comfortable setting for people that want to explore their goals, express concerns, or share previous challenges. She is the exact opposite of a drill-sergeant – using a more supportive and uplifting style of teaching to help her clients achieve their goals and get more comfortable in their movements.

The Line Method Teacher Training
Fitness Foundations for Hypermobility

Who does Victoria love working with:
– People just starting their fitness journey
– People looking to destress with movement
– People with pelvic floor weakness or instability
– People who are looking for an alternative to traditional gyms


Rani English

Rani (pronounced Ronnie) is a seasoned movement professional with a breadth of experience ranging from sports and athletics to mind-body connected movement. She has honed her skills as both a coach and a movement instructor, which only adds to her ability to create seamless and effective Line Method sessions.

An NBC-HWC Board Certified Health & Wellness Professional, Rani has a BS in Kinesiology from James Madison University College of Health and Behavioral Studies, paired with a Specialization in Integrative Health and Medicine from the University of Minnesota’s Bakken School for Spirituality & Healing. Rani confidently provides fitness insights which are backed by 20+ years of clinical, corporate and recreation experience, incorporating a wide range of ages and movement backgrounds. Her dedication to her craft coupled with her friendly attitude and genuine passion for helping others is one of the many reasons clients love working with her.

The Line Method Teacher Training
Fitness Foundations for Hypermobility

Who does Rani love working with?
– People who enjoy performing mindful muscle movement
– People who want to tap into their body’s strength and athleticism
– People who appreciate fine tuning their mind-body awareness to elevate their overall health

Rani English | The Line Method

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Regardless of your fitness level, age, or background, we welcome you to join our inclusive and empowering environment.

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