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Strengthen and restore your body anytime, anywhere with our On-Demand Online Studio Membership.

Restore Your Body

“I never realized how unsustainable my old workout routines were. And how they probably caused more long-term harm than anything.

But this feels sustainable, and like it’s really helping me feel better.” 

Our Approach & What to Expect

The Line Method uses movement as a tool to create physical, mental, and emotional realignment.

By blending methods that focus on creating strength, mobility, stability, and recovery – The Line Method’s holistic, sustainable approach to movement will help you create a strong, mobile body.

Detailed How-to videos

Form is everything when working on movement.  We teach you exactly how to do exercises safely and effectively so you can feel confident when working out on your own.

Strength and cardio Workouts

It’s not about much you can bench or how fast you can run. Our classes are about strengthening the specific muscles and joints that help improve movement so you feel better and move better.

Flexibility and Mobility Workouts

We are all about improving motion.  Easing joint pain and aches to improve mobility and flexibility is critical. Warm up, cool down, stretch, recovery classes and more.

Workout Programs

Not sure where to start?  Your membership also includes suggested class sequences and workout playlists to match your personal goals.  

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The Line Method Online Studio is your space to focus on what your body actually needs. We focus on improving your health using a variety of exercise techniques to improve your strength, mobility, and to help you feel better in your body. We know that every body is different and at a different point on its journey. We value and respect that perspective in all of our classes. These classes are not about running yourself into the ground everyday or “pushing through the pain” (ugh…).

With The Line Method Online Studio you get the benefits of training in studio without the hassle of scheduling a session and the convenience of of working out on your own time and not waiting for our next YouTube Live!

Not ready to commit?

If a monthly membership or rental isn’t for you, you can always find us on my next YouTube Live!

Client Testimonials

"Eva is simply amazing and will get you to your goals. "

Mitch A.

"I've had some Reformer experience at different studios but Eva makes it a very productive and unique experience! Her positive attitude, boundless energy and independent approach are harnessed into tailored sessions that work various "problem" areas. Eva is a creative teacher as well as a good listener. She knows how to make each session challenging and results-oriented but also fun."

Sabrina J.

"I have been working with Eva for the past couple of months. My first ever Pilates class was one-on-one with Eva. I have taken countless workout classes (private and group) and this is by far my favorite workout, and Eva has been my absolute favorite instructor! Flexibility, strengthening and toning have always been my areas of interest & of everything I have tried, Pilates has given me the best results and has also been the most enjoyable – especially with Eva! Her detailed instruction is easy to follow, which is a relief for a novice like me. Usually I can’t wait to finish my workout for the day, but with this class/her instruction I am actually sad when it comes to an end! She even takes video to show how I have made progress or to give constructive feedback. I cannot say enough positive things about Eva or Pilates, but I will say that you should DEFINITELY take her class."

Alex L.