New Years Resolutions: Start The Decade Strong

January 7, 2020by The Line Method

Happy New Year!! 2020 – a new year, a new decade, another opportunity to make some improvements in your personal life. Check out these 5 new year’s resolutions, and get inspired to apply these small, sustainable changes to your everyday life. 

  • Build a healthy morning routine

As creatures of habit, our routines can be our greatest asset or biggest downfall. Set yourself up for the day by establishing some new habits first thing in the morning. It doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it’s better if you keep it simple. 

Check out our blog outlining some simple, easy morning habits to make your day more productive. 

  • Invest in your health

It’s the elephant in the room that no one likes to acknowledge, but putting real money towards your health is probably one of the smartest new year’s resolutions you can make. Financially investing in something adds a level of value to it that goes one step beyond emotionally or mentally committing. It helps make your commitment a little more concrete, and a little more of a burden if you start to lose steam. 

It doesn’t have to be a lot – $10 a week gets you the gym membership you said you couldn’t fit in the budget. $20 a week gets you a monthly massage to work out the kinks in your neck and back. Or if you have the finances available, drop the few hundred dollars it takes to join 

  • Build Up Your Resilience

I can’t even take credit for this one because I learned it from an Instagrammer that I follow. He starts every single day jumping into the ocean (he lives in England, mind you). Rain or shine, warm or freezing – he begins every day with a quick dip in the ocean. Why would he do something as crazy as that? In short – the thought process behind it is something like “there’s nowhere else to go but up.” 

If you start your day with one task that requires even a little bit of resilience or discipline, you’re beginning your day with a little bit more productivity, a little more discipline, which leads to a lot more success. 

  • Walk More

Did you know that walking is one of the cheapest, easiest ways to improve your fitness? It doesn’t require money or exorbitant gym fees. You don’t need fancy equipment or lessons. And yes, it really does work. Take some time out of your lunch hour to walk around the block. Or commit to taking the stairs up to your office instead of the elevator. Even little actions like these can lead you to better cardiovascular health and weight loss over time.

  • Visit one new place a month

One of life’s little joys is experiencing new things, and seeing interesting places. Make it a point to get off your cell phone, shut down your computer, and go see somewhere new. Every month, pick a new place to venture off too. It doesn’t have to be anywhere particularly grand either. You could try out a new coffee shop with a book, head off to a museum, or drive to the next town over. Whatever you decide, make sure you go in with an open mind and a silent phone.