How Much Cardio Per Week Should You Do to Stay Healthy?

December 16, 2023by The Line Method

How many steps did you take today? Did you do something that got your heart pumping? Give yourself a pat on the back if you took more than 6,000 or more steps. You were able to get some moderate-intensity workouts in. That’s more than what most people do.

Regular exercise is the linchpin to good health and longevity. But it’s not something that people can do every day. Data shows that only 28% of Americans meet the exercise guidelines set by the CDC. It’s a worrying trend considering the benefits of physical activity. Being active can help you manage your weight. It improves your brain health and enhances your ability to do various activities. It also strengthens your muscles and reduces the risk of disease.

Most fitness trainers recommend cardio exercises. Or any activity that will get one’s breathing and heart rate up.

Understanding Cardiovascular Exercise

Cardio is any exercise that elevates your heart rate until it reaches one’s target heart rate zone. You’ll burn a lot of calories and fat when you reach this zone. Cardio is also referred to as aerobic exercise. The most popular cardio exercises are cycling, swimming, and walking. Fitness experts consider cleaning the house as a form of cardio as well. Who would have that that mopping, vacuuming, and sweeping would also keep you healthy?

How Much Cardio Per Week Should You Do?

The CDC recommends adults do 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activities every week. That’s the baseline people 18 years old and older should aim for. But the more minutes of cardio you get in, the better. People pressed for time should get at least 75 minutes of high-intensity exercise. A combination of the two is also good.

The WHO said you need to do 10 minutes of your chosen cardio exercise to see the benefits. It’s also a good idea to do moderate to high-intensity strengthening exercises two days a week. This can be any weight training or resistance exercise.

Children have different cardio requirements though. Children from three to five years old must have plenty of physical activities every day. Children six to seventeen must have at least an hour of cardio exercise per day. The activity should fall between moderate to high intensity. They should also do some vigorous activities three days a week. They should also have weight-bearing activities several days a week as well. The latter will help make their bones and muscles stronger.

 How to Get Started on Cardio

One in five teenagers and adults get enough cardiovascular exercise per week. Don’t worry if you’re one of those who don’t do enough cardio. It’s not hard to get started.

  • Look for a heart rate tracker. You need to know your heart rate before you start any exercise. So get a good heart rate watch to check yourself. Ask your doctor for your recommended heart rate range. You need to know what the safe limits are. Going too high can put a lot of stress on your heart.
  • Determine your goals. You need something to work towards. Make sure your exercise goal is realistic. Training to run a marathon is too much for a beginner. You’re only setting yourself up to fail. It’s better to start small. For example, aim for walking 30 minutes a day. Then go up to 45 minutes after a week or a month.
  • Pick an activity you like. You’ll have an easier time sticking to an exercise if it’s something you enjoy doing. It should also complement your lifestyle and schedule. A cardio exercise can be anything. Running and dancing are good examples. So is jumping rope or riding a bicycle. You don’t need to stick to one exercise either. Do a variety of activities to motivate yourself.

One Last Thing

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