Happy Hips Full Mat Workout, Pt 1

July 13, 2020by The Line Method

After doing a lot of soul-searching around the virtual class format, last week I officially decided to switch up the format of the mat classes that I teach weekly online. Back in March, when the world simultaneously exploded and shut down all at once, I had to make a fast shift and within a week I had closed down my DC-based studio and converted my whole practice to an online format. It was exciting! Terrifying, but exciting.

As I got deeper into the virtual classes, however, I noticed that I was losing sight of my original purpose when I opened Ligne Pilates. I was (dare I say it) getting bored with teaching because every class didn’t have a specific goal or purpose to it. And anyone who has worked with me knows that I only work with purpose in mind.

My passion in fitness is to help people move well. I love helping people improve their movement patterns, posture, strength, mobility, flexibility, etc. because ultimately, these things translate directly into your everyday life. Sometimes I’m mindboggled by how easily the fitness industry can overlook these issues in favor of flashier or more mainstream topics (which are equally important, but not the end-all-be-all). But I realize that my online classes were turning into just that – run of the mill, cookie cutter mat classes. And so a few weeks ago, I started planning the new weekly class formats…

Every week the Mat classes are going to center around a specific theme in movement/fitness. These themes will range anywhere from shoulder mobility, to increasing strength, to improving rotation, and much more. The ultimate goal is to give you a space to learn more about how your body moves, find areas of improvement, and learn movement techniques you can use to make those improvements.

Here you’ll find the first class in my Hip-Focused Week: Happy Hips. This was a 3-part class series that centered on hip mobility and strength. Try it out and make sure you subscribe to access more of these weekly intro workouts.