10 Minute Shoulder Release

March 10, 2020by The Line Method

Hunching over a desk, commuting for hours – we all know that these repetitive daily actions take a big toll on your body. Continuously sitting and standing in bad postures can lead to chronic issues like neck pain, back pain, and general muscle stiffness.

Fortunately, there are some simple ways to combat this issue – one of which is trigger point technique. Trigger point is a technique that is used to specifically target the knots and tissue build up in your muscles that cause tightness and soreness throughout your body. In this follow-along video, I show you what I like to call my “tennis ball technique.” Together we’ll work through the tight and sore muscles in your upper back and side in order to better mobilize your shoulder.

(Note: You can also use a lacrosse ball and in most cases a golf ball. A tennis ball is my personal preference.)